Meet Diana Cameron

Diana Acheson has won multiple awards for Kindermusik

Diana Cameron
BA(Mus), Grad Dip Ed
Maestro of Masterful Teaching
CSR for Kindermusik International
Kindermusik Mentor

Diana Cameron is the head teacher and owner of Kids Discover. Diana has a Bachelor of Arts (Music) degree from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Childcare) from USQ. She has also begun her Masters degree in the area of Special Education.

Diana is a qualified Yamaha teacher, and a professionally certified Kindermusik educator. She was named one of the top 5 Kindermusik educators in Australia for 2002 and is one of 2 mentors, responsible for training all new Kindermusik teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2003, she also was presented with the”Maestro in Outreach” award, one of 10 given in the world and the first time anyone from Australia has ever received one.

The Maestro in Outreach is awarded to Kindermusik educators who are recognised for the work they do with children with special needs and other underpriveldged children.

Also in 2003, she gained professional certification status in Kindermusik after fulfilling selective criteria in teaaching methods and ongoing professional development for teachers with 4 years minimum teaching experience.

In 2004, Diana underwent training in Sound Therapy and is currently one of a handful of certified providers in Australia. This same year, she was awarded the Maestro in Outreach award again.

In late 2008, Diana was awarded “Maestro in Masterful Teaching”, the highest award offered by Kindermusik and, at the time, one of only 9 in the world.

Also in 2008 she was awarded the Kindermusik Contribution award for exceptional contributions to the Kindermusik community.

In 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Diana was awarded the Maestro in Masterful Teaching and Maestro Producer awards.

Diana has dedicated her lifetime to work with children. Her love and passion of music, children and the families she teaches makes her a valued asset in the area of early childhood.

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