Kids Discover Music has been teaching children since birth for over 32 years. We now have second generation families in our classes.

We are an internationally award winning studio who has been in the top 5% of studios worldwide for the past 10 years. Why not sign up for a trial class and come and see what we do!

Why Choose Us?

Our Classes Build Brain Connections And Imagination
With every activity we do, new brain connections are made or existing ones strengthened. This is important to children to acquire skills. They need new experiences but also the repetition that gives them the opportunity to keep the brain connections made. The brain is smart. If they experience something once or twice and not again, the brain dumps or “prunes” those connections to make way for new ones.

Our classes have the right balance of new exploration and repetition to build a neural network with a good foundation for skills that come in school.

A Great Start To School Readiness
It is important to start school concepts with tiny children but in an appropriate way. We do math preparation, one to one correspondence to prepare them for preschool, counting, colours, and language (rhyming words, phonemic awareness etc). All of it is done using music, movement, singing and dance in an enjoyable way so the depth of learning is the greatest it can be.

Unlimited Classes Per Week
Speaking of repetition, we allow our students to come to as many classes of the same age group in the week as they would like, for no extra cost. We understand the importance of repetition and can see the difference in those children that come multiple times in the week.