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Parenting is a hard gig. There is no handbook, every child is different, you are sleep deprived, lack patience and just need help.

​Our Parent Toolkit contains regular blog posts about child development. It stems from Diana’s 35 years of experience in early childhood and her lifetime in special needs. Knowledge is power, and this information will help you understand your little one and give you strategies to get through every day life. Think of it as your fairy godmother in a blog post.

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Here’s what some of our parents say about our classes:

  • Helps with Motherhood skills
  • Children are ahead of their peers when they go to school
  • The best part of our week!
  • The books are a favourite at home
  • Learn how to share and lots of different skills
  • Loads of fun and a variety of teaching techniques are used
  • Even shy children who don’t do much in class go home and do everything
  • Children ask every day “Is today Kindermusik Mummy?”
  • I learn as much as the kids do

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