Free Baby Music Lessons*

Did you know Kindermusik with Kids Discover now offer free Kindermusik music classes for babies in Toowoomba*? We are so excited to be able to offer this to new parents and are passionate about the role of music in a baby’s development.

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I have had had a wonderful career in early childhood music but also as a sound therapist. Working with children and adults has taught me a lot about the importance of music for babies.

Once upon a time, we thought babies arrived knowing nothing, and that first year of life they learned everything. Now, with the ability to test brain function and response in newborns (even a few days old), studies have proven that babies, when born, already recognise patterns, size and other math concepts.

It stands to reason that instead of discovering and learning musical behaviours, that babies are born with them. Around 22 – 25 days after your baby was conceived, their pulse came online. After that point, everything in their body developed around the rhythm of that pulse.

Babies hear and recognise the sound and rhythm of their Mother’s and Father’s voices inutero and in recent studies, have found that babies hear and remember the patterns of music from in the womb once they are born.

This ability to recognise, respond to and prefer patterns over non-patterns means babies are already musical when they arrive. By engaging them in appropriate, mindful and cognitive musical experiences, we are meeting them where they are at and giving them what they need.

I know the importance of music and influence it has on the brain and development of babies right from the start. Because of this, I want all babies to have the same chance, regardless of economic circumstances.

Kindermusik with Kids Discover has decided to offer babies under 4 months free Kindermusik lessons*. This means a whole term of lessons (or less if you start after term has commenced), including digital home materials free for babies.

Babies must be under 4 months before the first day of term and if parents prefer physical copies of books and an instrument, there are upgrades available.

So if you are looking for baby activities in Toowoomba, and your little one happens to be under 4 months old, enrol now for classes.

Read more about our free music classes for babies in Toowoomba and how to sign up.

*Lessons are tuition free and subject to availability

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