Kids Music Toowoomba

Do you have a young child and are looking for some kid’s music lessons in Toowoomba? At Kids Discover Music, we have over 32 years experience not only in music but brain and child development.

Preschool music classes Toowoomba
Level 3: 3 – 4 years

Diana F Cameron, who teaches all the classes at Kids Discover often gives lectures internationally at Universities on brain connections and how to help your child learn. As a qualified sound therapist as well, your child could not be in better hands.

As a Mum, you will get to bond with your child, be a part of the teaching process and be equipped with the tools to make every day parenting easier. We are all about empowering our parents and caregivers with knowledge so they can help bring out the best in their child.

Want to know how to navigate through the terrible twos, or what activities you need to be doing to stimulate your little one’s brain in an appropriate way? While singing, dancing, and playing together, you will learn the latest information available and how to use it for your particular child.

Kids Discover Music recognises that no 2 children are alike, and as such, caregivers need a range of techniques to be able to withstand all that life and children throw at us.

We are also all about community. Come and meet other Mums and Dads, Grandmas and caregivers. We love having foster parents and Nannies too!

Our classes are age specific so we can offer the best to your little one:

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