Newborns: 0 – 1 years

With our virtual classes, no matter where you are on the globe you can now access award winning, educational classes for your child from the comfort and safety of your home!

Build brain connections with our music classes in Toowoomba

Our ​baby music and sensory classes build brain connections and skills every lesson. You already know that music is one of your baby’s favourite things, but did you know that it’s also one of the best things for his developing mind?

​ Your baby’s brain is filled with billions of neurons waiting to be connected through sensory stimulation. Our baby music classes offer a sensory-rich yet caring and gentle environment.

In the comfort of your home, you will learn how to interact with your child, how to recognize the way they learn and how to enhance that learning through activities during the week.

Being a Mum or Dad of a newborn takes it’s toll. That first 12 months is tough. No sleep, your time no longer your own and exhaustion. Our online classes make it easy for Mums and Dads to have all the information and interaction with others without the risk of sickness, the need to get ready hours before and travel to a venue etc. You can even come in your PJs if you want to!

If you need to turn your camera off to change a nappy or go do something for your little one, the choice is there. It is easy, comfortable and fun! Meet other Mums and make lifelong friends.

No travel, never missing a class because of sickness, and able to change my baby in the middle of class….

Kids Discover online classes for newborns is a no brainer!

Each Term Consists Of:

  • 9 lessons per term
  • Rhymes, stories and listening excerpts
  • Award winning music
  • Finger plays and dance and movement games
  • Recipes and craft activities
  • Parent information and educational insights
  • Printable lyrics, activity pages and class story

The activities and relationships you engage in during class will develop and strengthen your baby’s neural pathways, enhance your growing parent-child bond, and help you understand the how’s and why’s of your baby’s development. In class, babies and infants explore and react to new sounds, sensations, and environments. They socialise with others in a safe, online environment, learning how to appropriately respond to other children and adults.

Children are unmuted the entire time so I can hear their reactions and incorporate your ideas and creativity as part of the class.

Using either things around the home, or our baby safe instruments that can be purchased, your child will love playing along to instrument activities, exploding their language through vocal play and special bonding moments through rocking and intentional touch.

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Here’s what some of our parents say about our classes:

  • Helps with Parenting skills
  • Children are ahead of their peers when they go to school
  • The best part of our week!
  • The books are a favourite at home
  • Learn lots of different skills
  • Loads of fun and a variety of teaching techniques are used
  • Shy children often shine because they don’t feel intimidated
  • Children ask every day “Is today Kindermusik Mummy?”
  • I learn as much as the kids do

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