Kids Discover - 22 years of Kindermusik in Toowoomba

Imagine a class of toddlers dressed as butterflies, exploring flowers and animals, or a group of children dressed as pirates going to a deserted island to find the buried treasure. Kindermusik, the world's premier early childhood music program was brought to Toowoomba 22 years ago by Diana. Whether you are looking for baby music classes, toddler activities, music classes for preschoolers, or to meet like-minded Mums with kids of a similar age, our Kindermusik music lessons will have you playing, laughing and learning together. It really is where imagination meets learning.

Kindermusik With Kids Discover - Where Imagination Meets Learning

Whether you are looking for baby music classes, toddler activities or music classes for preschoolers, our magical Kindermusik lessons for children in Toowoomba will have you playing, laughing and learning together. With over 32 years experience, we know how children learn and how a child's brain develops. Babies begin learning in utero and continue to use their entire bodies to process information and develop once born. Your baby, toddler, kindy and school age children are in experienced hands with us and as parents you will learn invaluable skills along the Kindermusik journey!

Why you will choose Kids Discover!

For baby toddler and child musical experiences in Toowoomba, Kids Discover is a place where learning and imagination meet.

Imagination, Learning, Laughter and Smiles
Our weekly classes will captivate your child’s imagination and allow them the space and freedom to learn through exploration. No class is complete without laughter and smiles as we play instruments, dance, sing and perform together. We even equip you with the books, CDs (or MP3) and instruments so you can keep the fun going at home!

A Great Start To School Readiness
Every activity we do builds brain connections in your child.  Our sensory activities allow them to learn how they learn best, using their whole bodies in an enriched environment.

32+ Years Experience in Child Development and Special Needs
Diana has taught early childhood music and movement classes for over 32 years in Toowoomba.  Her knowledge and skills are often requested as guest workshops across Australia and overseas in Universities and other educational facilities.

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  • Best Part of Our Week!

    “My son looks forward to Kindermusik every single week – all the singing, dancing, playing with different instruments…  It really is the best thing I could do for him!’

    Jodi C, Toowoomba, QLD
  • Skills and Fun!

    “I am absolutely impressed with all Diana’s knowledge, her skills and the way in which she teaches children music.  They learn skills in a fun and engaging way”

    Simone O. Toowoomba, QLD
  • Books And More!

    “I love the family environment and making friends with other Mums. We love the books and instruments.  They are the favourite books at home!”

    Lenice J. Toowoomba QLD

We Are So Much More Than Music and Movement

With over 32 years of experience we know how children learn. We also know that you are your child's best teacher so we teach you the things yo need to know at home to make everyday parenting easier. Why not sign up for our Parent Toolkit. Anyone can join and it is free!


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