Meet Diana F Cameron

Director of Kindermusik with Kids Discover

Diana F Cameron
BA(Mus), Grad Dip Ed

Licensed in Sound Therapy and The Movement Program
Top Program Owner
Maestro of Masterful Teaching
Customer Solutions Rep for Kindermusik International (Australia and New Zealand)
Kindermusik Business Coach

Highly experienced with children with special needs.
International speaker and trainer.

Diana Cameron is the head teacher and owner of Kids Discover. Diana has a Bachelor of Arts (Music) degree from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Childcare) from USQ. She has also has a lifetime of experience in the area of Special Education.

Diana brings over 32 years experience in early childhood education and music to her Kindermusik classes.  2021 is her 24th year of teaching Kindermusik in Toowoomba and now she has the pleasure of having the children of her Kindermusik graduates in her classes.

In addition to running a successful studio, Diana also trains all new Kindermusik educators in Australia and is the Customer Solutions Representative for Kindermusik International in North Carolina.

Diana has won multiple national and international awards.  Because she has a sister with special needs, she has always found herself in those circles, working with children with a variety of challenges.

In 2004, Diana underwent training in Sound Therapy and loves the area of auditory processing and understanding the essential nature of how we process sound.  She has delivered seminars both nationally and internationally (the latest being at Brigham Young University in Hawaii) and loves inspiring parents and early childhood educators alike.

Diana has dedicated her lifetime to working with children. Her love and passion of music, children and the families she teaches makes her a valued asset in the area of early childhood.

Here’s what some of our parents say about our classes:

  • Helps with Parenting skills
  • Children are ahead of their peers when they go to school
  • The best part of our week!
  • The books are a favourite at home
  • Learn lots of different skills
  • Loads of fun and a variety of teaching techniques are used
  • Shy children often shine because they don’t feel intimidated
  • Children ask every day “Is today Kindermusik Mummy?”
  • I learn as much as the kids do