Drumming classes for kids 7 to 12 years Toowoomba

We use beautifully carved, Indonesian djembe drums for all our drumming circles.  Children, adolescents and adults can learn a lot from drumming circles.  Apart from being loads of fun, many skills are learned such as:

  • ​Entrainment
  • Auditory processing skills
  • Internalization of Steady Beat
  • Teamwork
  • Ensemble Training

We do this through fun activities as we develop the specific skills below:

  • Self regulation  – having control over emotions without intervention
  • Speech and Language – the ability to recognise and experience short and long sounds directly relates to our ability to distinguish between similar properties in language
  • Team work – Ensemble work has groups working together, keeping separate rhythms from other groups which means the group has to work together, listen to each other and support each other
  • Life Skills – Many life skills are taught through drumming classes including listening, patience, self control, turn taking, social skills and more
  • Impulse Control – being part of a drumming team means having to wait your turn, play and stop when needed.  Children need to learn to listen to others, and stay together, not just go at their own pace or as fast as possible
  • Communication – drumming is about having another voice.  A chance to say what you want to say in your own individual way.  There are times when structure is needed but also opportunities for creativity and sounding your own voice.  The call and response nature of some of our activities helps with communication skills
  • Cognitive Skills – our classes provide the perfect outlet to work on attention, decision making skills and self control in a fun way
  • Abilty to Stay on Task – in a world where instant gratification is everywhere, we are losing the ability to stay on task and see a project through.  It takes commitment to drum rhythms in a group, individually and during ensemble making
  • Listening Skills – what parent doesn’t want their child to listen more?  While children practice listening skills during classes, the actual drumming also increases auditory processing skills aiding language and reading

We run drumming workshops for families but also for corporate events. Please express your interest so we can let you know when we are next available. Enquire Now