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No matter where you live, being on Zoom means it doesn’t matter what timezone you are in! I am sure we can find a time to suit you.

Our Wunderkeys piano lessons for preschoolers has been a huge hit. This program is a wonderful pre-curser to more formal piano lessons.

“There has been a remarkable improvement in engagement for my son with online piano lessons. He is so focused and committed to the Zoom lesson and thoroughly enjoys the whole process. Diana makes the whole experience an absolute breeze and we are so grateful that we are able to continue with these lessons no matter where we are located. I highly recommend Zoom piano lessons with Diana, no matter the age group or experience, you will be well catered for”. 

Nina – Piano Mum of a Preschooler

At this age, children need to learn valuable concepts before learning to read music. These concepts are learned in a way that is developmentally appropriate, using the keyboard as an exploration tool.

Those skills, once at the completion of the Preschool Program, are used in the Primer level to read music and play songs.

Piano lessons for preschool children Toowoomba


Skills Learned in Book 1:

  • Symbol to sound recognition
  • Practice finger independence and coordination
  • Learn aural awareness
  • Play long sounds and short sounds on black keys
  • Play high sounds and low sounds on black keys
  • Play sounds moving higher and lower
  • Learn math skills to assist in musical understanding

Skills Learned in Book 2:

  • Improve finger independence and coordination
  • Play simple, pattern-based melodies on black keys
  • Read preliminary notation
  • Improve aural awareness
  • Explore simple rhythmic patterns
  • Listen for musical patterns
  • Learn math skills to assist musical understanding

Skills Learned in Book 3:

  • Play simple, pattern-based melodies on black keys
  • Read off-staff rhythmic notation (crotchet, minim and semibreves)
  • Recognize directional movement in note reading
  • Explore “stems pointing up” and “stems pointing down”
  • Listen for crotchets, minims and semibreves
  • Learn math skills to assist musical understanding

WunderKeys is a powerful early learning piano program, but your preschooler doesn’t need to know that…  IT’S JUST PLAIN FUN!

How Long are Lessons?

Lessons can be tailored to your child. While many do 30 minute lessons, 20 minute lessons might be more suited to your child. We usually start with a 20 minute lesson and then see how your preschooler goes, increasing as the need arises.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The cost depends on the length of the lesson. All lessons are charged at AUD$45 per 30 minutes plus books. Books charges depend on whether you are in Australia or in the US. The books we use are purchased through Amazon but costs vary depending on where you are. It takes around a school year to get through all 3 books, depending on your preschooler.

Wunderkeys BooksAUD$23.00 – $35.00 (Usually lasts about 9 weeks)
(payable a term in advance)
Terms are 9 – 10 weeks in length
AUD$32 per 20 mins
AUD$47 per 30 mins
Terms are according to Australian school terms (Feb – April) (End April to June) (July – September) (October – December)

Do I Need To Participate?

Yes. Children at this age need guidance both in the lesson and in practice sessions. As you sit and go through the lesson with them, you will know how to help them with their small practice sessions during the week. We have found parents enjoy the bonding process of learning together and you don’t have to have any musical ability or previous experience yourself.

Does My Child Need an Instrument?

Yes. As with anything, it is impossible to learn the concepts we are teaching without practice. So for that, you will need an instrument to practice on.

You don’t need a piano, a portable keyboard will do. These can be purchased for as little as $200 including a stand and seat.

Specifications would be:

  • The length of the keyboard should be 61 keys
  • Full size keys
  • Touch sensitive is a bonus but not a necessity at this level
  • If it comes with a pedal great, but once again, not a necessity. They will need it for higher levels though
  • An adjustable seat is preferred. You may also need to use a pillow on top if we need to put them in a more optimal position for playing

Once you get into higher levels you will probably look at upgrading, but a keyboard like this will get you through at least the first 2 years. By then, you will know if your child like it, wants to continue and if you are prepared to upgrade.

What Happens if I Miss A Lesson?

All missed lessons by you are payable. There are no makeup lessons for piano students because my schedule is packed.

If I have to cancel a lesson for any reason, the amount of that lesson will be credited to the following term.

If you want to know more about our preschool piano program, click on the image to the left to download a parent’s information pack. This details what your child will learn but also includes questions to ask yourself to see if your child is ready for our program.

Your child will experience a magical musical journey, acquiring the piano skills, keyboard awareness, and rhythmic understanding he will need for a successful future at the piano.

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Lessons are by individual appointment so please contact us and register your interest.

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